1. World Group is partners with Leisure Leagues UK for 203 countries.
2. Shahzaib Mehmood Trunkwala; Vice president of the International SOCCA Federation.
3.Leisure Leagues comes as a culmination of four decades of relentless effort by the World Group (Trunkwala’s) to offer a bright future to the best asset of Pakistan i.e. its youth. Towards this end, Leisure Leagues aims at revolutionizing football in Pakistan, offering a grand  footballing platform to the youth of Pakistan, realizing the potential of more than 3 million football players as identified by FIFA) World Group (Trunkwala’s) realizes the gap between potential and projection and has shouldered upon themselves a mission to revive the sports industry of Pakistan. Trunkwala’s association with football goes long back in time. A DAWN report from June 1949 was titled “Port Trust and Merchant Navy Seamen Draw for the third time.” The report read: “…All Pakistan Haji Abu Bakr Trunkwala Football Tournament at the Sindh Madressah ground.” The start of this challenging and eventful journey was scripted 105 years ago. We are proud of our long legacy of serving national and international customers in varied sectors. There have been hiccups on the way, but we have managed to stand the test of time and rise up stronger after every hurdle. World Group has been a proud visionary, leader, and trendsetter in every field we have ventured into. Our penchant for risks and big dreams has taken our operations into 203 countries all around the world. From a deeply spiritual point of view, we have been blessed with our global business head office in Al Madinah Al Munawara.

Montriyal Holdings (Pioneer Of Leisure Leagues To Pakistan)

The Savor Holdings Sports Wing (Montriyal Holdings) proudly brings Leisure Leagues to Pakistan as it leverages a successful association with Leisure Leagues. Much of the credit goes to Lord Syed Shahzad Ali who is a member of the Board of Directors of Leisure Leagues and the Managing Director of Montriyal Holdings. He has been instrumental in bringing Leisure Leagues to Pakistan and 203 other countries

Lord Syed Shahzad Ali (Md, Montriyal Holdings)

He is an extremely talented and solution driven British Business Executive of Pakistani Origin. Mr. Shahzad has over 25 years of working experience in the sectors of Development, Hotels and Restaurants, Golf Clubs, Recreational Parks, Properties, and Food Sector of Pakistan, the U.S.A, U.K, Dubai, Oman, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bosnia, and has been on leadership positions of several commerce boards throughout the world.



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